Ski Jumbo Glacier, really?

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Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort, a proposed year round powder skiing resort municipality in an high glaciated wilderness area, is a controversial issue in British Columbia and is unlikely to succeed.

The attractions of glacier skiing in deep untracked powder and wilderness is presently available to all. For several decades British Columbia has provided the best powder snow and back country skiing in the world. Small businesses provide guided trips, fly-in chalets and refuges, and heliski operations access the areas from local townships. They operate sustainably with low impact.

This success story has attracted developers who wish to make this experience into a commodity. They foresee business opportunity in real estate development and propose to locate Jumbo Glacier Resort Municipality in the Purcell Wilderness west of Invermere, British Columbia, Canada.

A resort in this wilderness has no sustainability and will have high impact. The end user experience will be the opposite of what can presently be found there: it will be noisy, tracked and NOT WILD. The development will irreversibly compromise or eliminate precious wilderness terrain and a functional ecosystems vital to the area and its wildlife. The provision of access to glaciated terrain is intended to compensate for the loss of such terrain in Europe and elsewhere; ironically, this will further contribute to increased air travel and carbon loading. Skier demographics are declining, the business case is not clear and the potential for a new ghost town is clear.

Deaf to local opposition, and its own carbon objectives, the present “Liberal” BC Provincial Government has established a ghost Resort Municipality in this area to permit development to proceed. This body is comprised of proponents of the project and is unelected, since there are no voters. This mechanism is intended to bypass further opposition and accelerate development.

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