Ski Jumbo Glacier, really?

Skiing Jumbo Resort: Find out more

There are many in Canada, British Columbia and the Columbia Valley who are strenuously opposed to this Project. We think that most skiers, true outdoor people and wise investors will be concerned to know more about the prolonged history of the project and the continuing fight to preserve this valuable ecosystem .

This website is intended to direct the concerned reader to additional information on the impact of glacier skiing and real estate development in this area. Wise and ethical investors, knowing the risks, issues and impact on the area, will certainly choose to invest elsewhere.

Opposition is real and led by several local initiatives. Formal campaigning is spearheaded by the Jumbo Wild Campaign and the West Kootenay EcoSociety. The latter will challenge the establishment of the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality in the BC Court. The application for judicial review argues that the appointment of unelected (since no voters) municipal councillors is a violation of current legislation.

It is probable the present Provincial Government will change in the next Provincial Election. It is expected that this will be favourable to the goal of cancelling the Project in response to local support, and potential investors should be aware of committing resources at this time.

Please review the linked information and lend your voice to cancel it as soon as possible.  Your support is necessary and welcome.